Sagittarius 2021 🏹 heart 🚀

A stick figure is lying on a crescent moon and looking up at the Sagittarius consellation

If you ever need to face the centre of our galaxy, just find the Sagittarius constellation. Sagittarius sits in an area of the sky that points to the heart of the Milky Way. And that beating heart is a supermassive black hole 4.6 million times the mass of the Sun. It’s called Sagittarius A* (Sgr A*) and it’s 26,000 light-years from Earth - close enough for us to see the hot gas that swirls around it. Sgr A* affects the orbits of nearby stars, which researchers can track to test things like Einstein’s general theory of relativity. A theory that’s still holding up after more than a century. 💪



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✍️ Edit: The authors of a recent paper are challenging the idea that Sgr A* is a black hole. They’re proposing that it might be dark matter (‘darkinos’). We’ll have to wait and see.

Scorpio 2021 🦂 giant 🚀

Two stick figures are sitting in the desert looking up at the Scorpio constellation

Of all the constellations, Scorpius the scorpion wins the prize of Looking-Most-Like-The-Thing-You-Are-Named-After. Kinda. Its brightest star is Antares, a red supergiant that’s the 15th brightest star in the night sky. It’s really big - if the Sun was a small coin on a basketball court, Antares would be almost the court’s width. Last night we saw it for the first time through our telescope. Nice. 🏀



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Libra 2021 ⚖️ old 🚀

A stick figure is looking through a telescope at the Libra constellation

I just learned that one of the universe’s oldest stars lies inside the Libra constellation - HD 140283, a.k.a. Methuselah. A recent study suggests it’s about 12 billion years old - that’s not that long after the Big Bang. One of the clues is it’s low metallicity - it was born in a time when metals were rare and everything was made mostly of hydrogen and helium. Methuselah is around 200 light years away and you need binoculars or a telescope to see it. If you do, remember that the photons that land on your retina (splat!) were made inside an extremely experienced photon maker indeed. 👵🏻


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Virgo 2021 👩 features 🚀

A stick figure girl is lying down looking up at the Virgo constellation and talking to a warty toad wearing a wig. She says: I've been learning about the constellation Virgo - it doesn't look like much, but it has some cool features.  The toad replies: Like what?

The girl continues: My favourite is the 'Virgo Cluster' - a group of about 2,000 galaxies - mostly spirals. It's our closest cluster 'neighbour' - around 50 million light-years away. It's so big they reckon it'll eventually cause our little cluster, the Local Group, to slow down, reverse and join up with it.

There is an asterisk at the bottom of the panel that warns: Actual 'information' from The toad adds: Well my astrologer told me my features are cool too. Like all Virgos, she said I have a frail chin, fleshy nose, poor skin condition, bent toes and a curious, awkward walk. And when I reach middle age, my dislike of exercise will give me a fat belly.

The girl looks amused and says: She got all that from your star charts huh?

Toad image credit: Reimar Gaertner.

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Cancer 2021 🦀 learning 🚀

A stick figure guy and a crab are sitting looking at the stars. The guy says: I wish I knew the constellations, so this year I’m learning all about them.

The guy adds: Did you know that Cancer has a beautiful cluster of 1,000 gravitationally-bound stars known as the Beehive? It was one of the first things that Galileo studied with his telescope, around 1610.

The crab replies: I wish I was less susceptible to charlatans, so this year I’m following my astrologer’s advice to “learn to distinguish the genuine from the fake”.

The guy has raised his eyebrows and asks: What have you learned so far? The crab replies enthusiastically: I should drink more water, change my contraception and invest in space travel.

The crab adds: I’ve also learned I’ll be getting “big money”, including passive income from digital downloads of music, e-books and online courses. So I quit my job.

The guy asks: Are you rich yet? The crab despondently replies: No.

We now see a close up of the crab holding a bottle of serum and talking like a salesman: which is why this month’s comic is brought to you by Allies of Skin 35% Vitamin C+ Perfecting Serum, $118. Because Cancerians should ensure their skin looks its best with a healthy summer dose of Vitamin C!

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Taurus 2021 🐂 health risks 🚀

A cartoon bull is talking to a stick figure guy with a telescope. The bull says: As a Taurean, this year I’m at risk of goitre, abscesses and diseases of the genitals.

They swap positions and now the bull is looking through the telescope. The guy says enthusiastically: Check out this orangey star called Aldebaran - the eye of the Taurus constellation. In 1972, we launched a probe called Pioneer 10 that survived the asteroid belt and made it to Jupiter. We lost contact with it in 2003. It was heading towards Aldebaran and will arrive in about 2 million years.

The guy adds: By the way, you’re also at risk of me punching you in the snout if you keep subscribing to that star sign app. The bull has turned its face around to look at the guy, surprised.

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Aries 2021 🐏 love and fashion 🚀

A cartoon ram says to a stick figure girl: Did you know that people born under Aries are going to be easier to love this year and should take their fashion inspo from Stella McCartney?

The girl replies to the ram enthusiastically: Did you know that researchers at the Palomar Observatory discovered a planet in the Aries constellation that has four suns orbiting it? It’s really big - about 10 times the mass of Jupiter. This four-star system is called ‘30 ARI’ and it’s 136 light-years away. If you could look up at the daytime sky from this planet, you’d see a sun as well as two bright stars.

The girl adds with a smile: fyi, telling me stuff about your horoscope doesn’t make you easier to love. The ram hangs its head and looks a bit ashamed.

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