Virgo 2021 👩 features 🚀

A stick figure girl is lying down looking up at the Virgo constellation and talking to a warty toad wearing a wig. She says: I've been learning about the constellation Virgo - it doesn't look like much, but it has some cool features.  The toad replies: Like what?

The girl continues: My favourite is the 'Virgo Cluster' - a group of about 2,000 galaxies - mostly spirals. It's our closest cluster 'neighbour' - around 50 million light-years away. It's so big they reckon it'll eventually cause our little cluster, the Local Group, to slow down, reverse and join up with it.

There is an asterisk at the bottom of the panel that warns: Actual 'information' from The toad adds: Well my astrologer told me my features are cool too. Like all Virgos, she said I have a frail chin, fleshy nose, poor skin condition, bent toes and a curious, awkward walk. And when I reach middle age, my dislike of exercise will give me a fat belly.

The girl looks amused and says: She got all that from your star charts huh?

Toad image credit: Reimar Gaertner.

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