Leo 2021 🦁 lavish 🚀

This panel has an asterisk that says: Warning: based on real information from WiseHoroscope and Marie Claire. A cartoon lion wearing a crown with a Gucci logo is talking to a stick figure scientist who is standing at a telescope. The lion says: Did you know that the universe makes Leos live fast, vigorously and lavishly?

The lion continues: We must dress in Gucci, which we finance via creative visualisations of piles of cash. The scientist has raised eyebrows and has turned away from his telescope.

The lion continues: ... and to maintain our robust circulation we must eat fried or boiled beef, chicken, liver, and light non-fat sauces. The scientist looks amused.

The scientist says: Did you know that physicists can make the universe reveal its secrets? The lion looks a bit confused and awkward.

The scientist continues enthusiastically: In 1989, the COBE satellite began measuring cosmic microwave background radiation - the oldest light there is. Its data confirmed the Big Bang theory of the origin of the universe. It also showed that Earth moves at 390 km/s - so we're all living pretty fast. The lion looks a bit sad.

The scientist adds: By the way, the universe is making you eat dog food. The lion now looks very dejected.

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