May 26, 2021

Lunar eclipse 🌓 🍷 🧀 🚀

A cartoon image of different moon phases during an eclipse is shown. The text reads: During tonight’s lunar eclipse …

A stick figure with a large flat box for a head is shaking its fists angrily. The text reads: We flat earthers are going to be pissed off that everyone mocks our theory that an invisible ‘shadow object’ is covering the moon.

Two stick figures are dressed in pointy hats and robes made out of star and moon printed fabric. They are looking up at the sky waving their arms in despair. And there is a thought bubble over their heads with these words inside: greed, deceit, excess, confusion, deception, over-confidence, vulnerability, waste, over-optimism, crime, treachery, scandal, infection. The text reads: We astrologers are going to stress about all the immorality that the eclipse will cause.

A male and female stick figure are sitting on a lawn next to a tray with red wine cheese on it. They are looking up at the night sky smiling. The text reads: We astronomers are going to have some wine and cheese and marvel at how lucky we are to live in a time when our moon and planet are the perfect distance apart for us to see something so cool from our backyard.

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